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Welcome to Kuwait Medical Tourism

Kuwait Medical Tourism Conference and Exhibition, 2015 Kuwait Medical Tourism Congress and Exhibition invites local, regional and international best hospitals and medical tourism facilitators for a 3-day convergence focusing on networking among the stakeholders, high quality of medical services, and the investment opportunities in healthcare throughout the world.

The event will see the participation of some of the leading names in the medical tourism and healthcare industry. The conference will comprise workshops conducted by the renowned international speakers. The workshops will cover the topics that range from medical tourism, current medical research initiatives, latest innovations in health sector, future business opportunities in healthcare, insurance, and healthcare quality to the globalization in healthcare.


Under the patronage of his excellency
Minister of Health - Kuwait

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Yousef Al-Nusif

Dr. Yousef Al-Nusif

Director - Health Services Authority, Ministry of Defense, Kuwait
Dr. Yousef Al-Awadi

Dr. Yousef Al-Awadi

Head of Treatment Abroad, Ministry of Health, Kuwait
Dr. Imad Al Awad

Dr. Imad Al Awad

Director of Kuwait Oil Company Hospital


About The Conference

Every year, millions of patients travel overseas in search of the best quality and the most affordable medical treatments. According to recent reports on Medical Tourism, Kuwaiti people spend over one billion per year overseas for medical care. Thousands of Kuwaiti nationals leave the Middle East each year for high quality healthcare.

In fact, this is the era of medical tourism. And, growing numbers of health insurance companies, international hospitals, medical tourism facilitators, medical tourism companies, international travel agencies, and health insurance agents among others are looking at Medical Tourism as the reliable solution to the healthcare crisis. Read More »